Monday, February 1, 2010

Thoughts on my heart and mind

God is so good all the time! No matter what! I've said this often and it's always true. No matter what I'm going through in life, God is still good. His grace is always the same, His mercies are everlasting and both are new each day.

I have a friend going through a divorce. After years of struggle yet trusting in God through it all, her marriage of 10+ years is ending. She's at a loss of where her life will go from here. I can certainly relate to so much of what she's going through! I try to encourage her to stay close to God. Keep good music on and keep talking to Jesus (not herself). It's a rough road to travel, but with God all things are possible. He loves her SO much! And wants her to lean on Him. She will. She's strong. Pray for her, please.

My new church family is such a blessing to me!!!! I thank God that He has allowed me to work with the Ladies Ministry at this church. They are a great group of ladies!! I see wonderful things for us in the future. ALL of us becoming great friends who get together not only for church things, but for non-church things too. There are so many ladies here that I get to learn from! Some my own age and many older. I think this ministry is just what they and I needed! I love these ladies already!

Trusting God. I trust Him with so much, yet there's still one area that I buck at. I'm getting so much better in this area though! No matter what, I've determined to stay faithful, trusting His promise if I just obey. So far, I've seen huge blessings!

My kids are beyond a blessing to me. They truly are God's gift to me. I know I don't rear them as I should all the time, but again, this is an area in which I'm learning. I've become more patient with them. I've stopped my busy day (Yeah right. It's busy with me doing my own thing.) to take time to really be with them. We are going on walks more, playing more and enjoying each other more without the tv! That tv is a time sucker!! My Bug can quote so much from cartoons but can he sing a complete church song? Ok, yes he can sing many church songs, but is that what he talks about on our drive home? No. It's about cartoons and video games. Yes, that is very convicting. It's an area I'm working on! Always working on different areas in my life. That's how we grow.

My word for this year is Love. I find my heart overflowing with love for the ladies in my church, my friends, my family, my wonderful little guys and especially my Lord. I want to know Him more that I may love Him more.

A friend was over some weeks ago with her children. She hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. As we were winding down and she was getting ready to take her children home for naps she said, "I'm going to wrap up with Bible when I get home". I asked her if she wasn't going to fall asleep! She said she probably would, but oh what a way to fall asleep. Conviction. I thought to myself, "When was the last time I wrapped up with my Bible and fell asleep reading it?" I couldn't remember. I'm determined to start a habit of it though.

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