Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not posting it around

I find I'm having a hard time remembering to love as I ought to. Yesterday was a particularly hard day for me... the morning at least. I woke up in a great mood that was soon turned sour by running late (my fault) and my kids being, well, kids. I ended up talking unkindly to them. I did apologize, but I think good behavior in the first place is more important than theatrical apologies afterwards. Name that movie. All kidding aside, I do think being good in the first place is more important than being able to humble yourself afterwards and apologize, especially to your children.

Although love is something one shouldn't need to be reminded to do, being as it's my word for 2010 and something I'm wanting to learn to do God's way, I need constant reminders to do it. I have yet to put the work love up around me as a reminder. I haven't made it a priority to do so. This week I will be fixing that. By Monday, I will have LOVE up in all areas of my house and office.

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