Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New pictures

I just updated the pictures of my boys and they bring back great memories!

The one of The Bug was taken in the front lot at work. He was flying a kite that my step-mom's sister, Thomasine, had bought for him back in August of '09. We don't see Thomasine very often, in fact we don't see my dad and step-mom very often either. Dad and Alice had come to California to deliver furniture to a client and we got to spend the weekend together. We all met at Alice's other sister's house. Thomasine had to go to the grocery store for something and Chris got to go with her. I had sent him with money to get a toy from those little annoying machines. He came back with a Buzz Lightyear kite. We had a great time flying it and talking about our weekend with Grampy, Grammy and Thomasine.

The picture of The Tiny Man was taken in December this past year. That snow man was originally on top of my fire place, but as soon as the Tiny saw it, he had it! He carried it around by it's hat at first. So much, that the felt disconnected from the glue and has almost fallen off. Then he started holding the snow man's hand. So cute! Snow man, however, has not always been a good little snow boy. A few weeks ago Snow man kept getting into the fridge and Tiny had to tell him, "No, No!" and give him a swat. Poor little snow boy.

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