Monday, January 11, 2010

It continues to flood my mind...

I know I've posted on this thought already, but it keeps coming back to me. This morning I took the time to read my Bible and pray. I want to follow the steps God has planned out for me today. I typed this up and shared it with the ladies at the Well.


The steps of a good man ... seek Him early...

This is a thought that has been going through my mind since the beginning of the year. It actually started on Christmas Eve when, while at church, Pastor asked us to tell everyone what some of our greatest Christmas gifts from Jesus have been.

Mine was grace. Grace through the hard times of the loss of my mother, my divorce, moving homes, changing churches. And I ended with a thought that I hadn't considered before that very moment. I don't know why God choose to take my mom but He knows and if I just continue to follow His leading He'll continue to give me the grace I need. If we choose to follow Him, our steps are already ordered for us.

If we choose to follow Him, our steps are already ordered for us. We don't have to worry or fret or be sad or question. His way is before us as long as we follow Him. He never changes. He's never wrong. He makes no mistakes.

Previously in my life I came to the conclusion that it didn't matter whether I read my Bible first thing in the morning or at night before I go to bed; just as long as I read it. After giving it some thought, I find I'm wrong. How can I know what His steps are for me that day unless I get into His word that morning? His mercies are new every morning. We need His guidance, truths, mercy and grace new each day. I can't count on yesterdays blessings.

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. Ps. 37:23 ...those that seek me early shall find me. Pro. 8:17

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