Thursday, December 31, 2009

Specific goals for my Word of the Year - Love

I've really gotten into reading this blog lately. She's a Godly woman who has real struggles, real blessings, real children and she shares it all. It's through her blog that I chose to do the Word of the Year. Today she shared what steps she goes through to really start getting her word into her life. I like her steps. They are practical, realistic steps that will help reenforce the word in anyone's life. I'm going to do them as well.

Here they are:

1. Writing out a working definition for my word. (Webster's 1828 dictionary is a great source for this.)
2. Doing a Bible study with "my word." (Blue Letter Bible has a concordance and links for various commentaries, etc. that are very helpful with this. Just type in your word or related words to begin.)
3. Finding various quotes having to do with "my word." (Type in your word along with the word "quote" in Google for more sources than you'll ever need. I am careful to choose quotes that line up with God's word. For example, the humanistic view of "contentment" is much different than God's view of contentment.)
4. Read through various essays or studies or books relating to my word. (These can also be googled with caution.)
5. Set some specific goals for myself. Write them down and pray over them. And do them.
6. Post the word in some form where I will see it every day. 7. Pray daily for God to work in my life concerning my word, and then stand back and watch in awe how He answers. Because He will.

Hopefully I will get time to do quite a bit of this today, but if I don't, I will do it when I return to work (and to internet access) on Monday.

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