Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Music that speaks to you

Music can be a very big topic for some. I know people that are huge into music and buy new cd's often or download mp3's always wanting to have music at their finger tips. They have their radios on all the time and up to date with who's new and what's hot. Me. I'm not like that at all. I have no clue who's new and what's hot. I couldn't tell you who the new American Idol is. I don't know the latest country song or who's remaking what. I don't have a radio in my car. Ok, I guess that's inacruate. I have a radio/cd player but the radio part is not hooked up and working. I don't own a million cds from every genre and listen to them non-stop. (I have kids so I don't need non-stop noise!)

Music that speaks to me is good, Godly, Christian music. Not to be confused with contemporary Christian music or Christian rock or whatever the newest name for it is. "Christian rock" is an oxymoron in my opinion, and since this is my blog I can state that opinion and not be bothered by who disagrees.

I want to listen to music written years ago by saints of old. I want to listen to mucis written recently by men and women with a heart for God. I want to listen to music sung by men and women who live their lives serving their Savior. There is a lot of this kind of music readily available online. Youtube is packed with it.

Here are just a few that speak to me...

Enjoy! I could sit here and add videos all day!! But I won't.


Jennie said...

Some of my personal favorites, too!!!

Tori said...

Yep, that's my kind of music! Oh yea and I totally agree with you and the oxymoron of christian rock!