Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's been TOO long and I have no excuses

I'm just lazy! I get into a rut and don't want to check out blogs or message boards or facebook. It rotates as time goes on, but I think I'm up to starting this up again. (Redundant?) Oh well.

I've just finished reading most of I say mostly because between January of 2009 and now he's not walking in Fort Bragg but instead is in Oregon near Seattle, I believe. Personally I don't care about that area all that much so I stopped reading there. However, I learned quite a few things reading his blog, about Fort Bragg, CA and about blogging in general. You know, one is not blogging failure if one doesn't blog daily or even weekly. Ron stopped periodically for various reasons I still enjoyed the blog just as much. Perhaps I was able to enjoy it more because he didn't add rambling filler.

The things I learned about one of my favorite towns on Earth are numerous!! Read starting in October 2006 and working forward. The older posts share some of the "oddities" that Fort Bragg has/had.

So for my blog back I'm sharing my little thing for today...

In the future I hope to share some of my other favorite blogs with you all. (All? All two of you? One of you? Hmmm.)

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