Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A few little things

This is the only picture I have of all three of my boys together. :( I need to get Christmas pictures of all three of them done. I'll make the appointment tomorrow. I got to talk to Dakota on the phone for about 20 minutes tonight while he was shopping with his dad. It was really cool to just chat with him. He's doing really well in school and is growing up WAY TOO FAST! He's 9 and in the 4th grade.
The Bug had quite an adventure today. He woke up throwing up and ended up in the E.R. getting fluids through an iv. He really didn't like it AT ALL! but good Mom that I am, I took pictures which I will edit into this post tomorrow. He, too, is growing up too fast. He's 5 and in pre-k excited about going to West Valley Baptist School next year.
The Tiny Man also got to see a doctor today, but it was much less traumatic. He has a cold. Did you know that kids under the age of two aren't supposed to be given over the counter cold medication? I guess they are just supposed to suffer through the cold until it's over... poor little guy. But he's so wonderful. His smile so sweet and attitude, usually, very happy-go-lucky. Little by little he's eating more table foods and loves everything so far.


I made this in the crock pot today. Beans and Ham Hocks. While at the Davis Farmers Market I picked up a ham hock that had just been smoked the day before. I wanted to make beans and ham hocks like my mom used to do. Today, I did it. Ok, so she probably used dried beans, but I used canned, but the taste is spot on! YUM. The smell is the same and if I had bothered to pay attention, I'm sure the look would be the same too.

When I was young and would get head lice... oh, come on now, I know you've had it too... any kid that went to public school got head lice at least once a year. As I was saying, when I was young and got head lice, I would sit on my mom's bed and put together a jig saw puzzle while the rid did it's work. Well, today, The Bug and I found our "head lice" thing. No, he does NOT have head lice, he's sick, but we found our thing. The Diego Edition of Chutes and Ladders! So much fun! Diego, Alicia, baby Jaguar and Backpack go up and down the chutes and ladders while pictures of their rescued animals and the Bobo Brothers litter the board. The goal. To get to the Rescue Tree House first. After a few ups and downs, The Bug finally won the first round. Then his 5 year old attention span waned and he started playing with just the spinner. Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted. Next time he's sick, maybe I'll win.


Katrina said...

OK, I have never had lice. I am so blessed that none of my children have had it. You know I am telling the truth because if I ever had them, I would be dead :) This is because I have cootie-phobia and not because I am too good to have lice.

Leah said...

I think I got it twice. PTL Mariah has never gotten it. Oh the horror!!!!!