Saturday, November 8, 2008

Davis Farmers Market

I love getting up Saturday mornings. Well, not always! But when it's a Saturday morning I can go to the Farmers Market, then I like getting up. This morning the Tiny man woke up at 7. Hoping he wouldn't wake up the Bug, I snuck into the kitchen, made a bottle and tried to sneak back in the bedroom. Unfortunately, in the short time it took me to make the bottle the Bug had woken up. So, I went back to bed, wrestled the Bug for a bit while the Tiny man giggled through his babas and then decided it was a good day to see what the farmers market looks like in Fall. We got up and ready within half an hour and headed to the Davis Farmers Market.

I love having breakfast at the market. I like the fresh farmed eggs and bread baked that morning. This morning I had a breakfast sandwich with eggs, spinach and goat cheese on cibatta bread. All fresh and home made. YUM! But the Bug. He likes the kettle corn. I like it too. So we buy a medium sized bag from the kettle corn guys and a fresh squeezed orange juice and eat our breakfast. Even the Tiny man got to enjoy the eggs, spinach, bread and popcorn. Hey, we can't be stingy here!

Now we're back home with our load and although it doesn't really look like the picture above, it is that fresh and wonderful. I picked up a ham hock for beans and ham hocks like my mom used to make. I picked up chard and fennel for Tuscan Chicken with white beans and wilted greens. Chris picked out tomatoes and bread and would have picked out all the cheese there had I let him. Something new we found was butter. Yum. What is better than freshly made butter?! If I hadn't just bought some yesterday at the store, I would have picked one up.

Do you go to a farmers market? Have you gone? Do you enjoy them? What are your must haves? Do you think you could do all your shopping just from a farmers market? I'll share the reasoning behind that last question at a later time.

The Davis Farmers Market. A little thing, with lots of stuff, that makes my whole family happy.


Leah said...

I'll have a tamale for breakfast! I love the farmers market. Miss you tons. ((((To your little family))))

Carolyn said...

I haven't had a tamale for breakfast yet and I'm not sure I will. They're all yours!

I miss you too!! I wish I could come out and see you for Thanksgiving but ticket prices are just too much for me to be able to do. :'(

Hugs right back at ya!