Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Clear Beautiful Days

This morning on my way to work I couldn't help but notice the beautiful clear blue skies. These are a favorite of mine throughout the year, but this morning was amazing because yesterday was a gloomy, rainy day and the day after rain is always more glorious. I think the rain cleans the air and earth and leaves it more clear and bright than before.

Factor in the smells that come out after the rain: the grass, trees, nuts, sunshine, dirt, and the clear blue, beautiful skies are definitely a favorite little thing of my Fall day.


Katrina said...

The pictures are so pretty! I love the bare almond trees with the green grass. So nice.

Leah said...

Wahhhhh, I miss the green, green grass! Our grass is so brown but we have the most amazing trees. Some are so red you'd think they were on fire. I better get some pics of them huh?

Carolyn said...

Yes! You better Leah. :)